Foundation Managed Scholarships

The Foundation manages several scholarships for Leon High School.   The Foundation/Tallahassee Community College Scholarship is the only scholarship funded by the Leon High School Foundation.

Scholarships awarded May 2014

Bernard Miller Football & Wrestling Scholarship Fund

Funded by the Miller family in honor of Bernard Miller, who was a Football & Wrestling Coach at LHS.  This scholarship is given to the team member who displays exemplary character both on and off the field in Football & Wrestling.

Coaches Ragans and Ringel:,

Football – Jarvia Williams, $1,000.00
Wrestling –no seniors for 2014


Oksenburg Scholarship Fund

Michael Oksenburg was a leading China scholar and was involved with negotiations during the Carter administration that led to the normalization of U.S. relations with Communist China.  An alumni of Leon High School, Mr. Oksenburg attended Swarthmore College and earned a Ph.D from Columbia University.   The Oksenburg Scholarship is awarded to a student who is a child of a teacher or staff memeber of Leon High School and is funded by a donation from by Oksenburg family.

Paige Twyman:

Blake Whitney Zimmerman, $500.00
Ryan Feely, $500.00
William Giglio, $500.00
Jennifer Waddell, $500.00


Tallahassee Surgical Associates Scholarship

This scholarship is funded by Tallahassee Surgical Associates and is given to the student who has excelled in the sciences and intends to pursue a career in the Medical field.

Coach Allan Rice:

Kaitlin Lammert,  $1,000.00


Leon Foundation/Tallahassee Community College Scholarship

Ths scholarship is funded by the Leon High School Foundation and given to two students who have not qualified for Bright Futures and want to attend Tallahassee Community College.  Two scholarships are awarded each year

Kathy Heinz:

Elijah Kostick, $3,000.00
Seamus Toner, $3,000.00


Hanna Abstein Scholarship

The Hanna Scholarship is a four-year scholarship funded by the Hanna family.  The award is given to someone who has displayed exemplary character over their four year career at Leon High School.    It is a need-based award for a student who did not qualify for Bright Futures.

Rocky Hanna:

Brooke Williams, $3,000.00/year for 4 years  =$3,000.00 x 4 = $12,0000.00


Jim Nettles Student Government Scholarship

Mr. Jim Nettles, former Leon High School Principal,  funds this scholarship for a rising Junior or Senior who is interested in attending Leadership training, conferences or conventions.

Josh Stewart:

Elyse Thompson, $400.00 (gifted back to the Foundation)
Rachel Woods, $400.00


Todd C. Smith Journalism Scholarship

Funded by the Smith Family, this scholarship is for a rising Junior or Senior who is in the Leon High School Journalism department and has a desire to attend the University of Florida’s Summer Journalism Institute.  Mr. Todd Smith was head of Leon High Life before working for the Tampa Tribune.  He was tragically killed while reporting a story on Peru’s cocaine producing Huallaga Valley.

Coach Kevin Record:

John Ike Smith, UF Journalism Summer Institute Tuition, $725.00


Brooks Rogers Swimming Scholarship

This scholarship was created in memory of Brooks Rogers, a former Leon High  School graduate and member of the Swim Team.  Funded by donations given in memory of Brooks Rogers, the scholarship is awared to a student who, as a member of the Leon Swim team,  embodies the principles of spirit, leadership, integrity, sportsmanship and above all comraderie - all ideals that strongly characterize the life and legacy of Brooks Rogers.

Laura and Sam Rogers:

Amy Culp, $500.00