About the Leon High School Foundation


Our History

Colleges and universities, both public and private, have used non-profit foundations to supplement their funding. The idea for a similar organization to augment state and federal funding at Leon High was proposed at an officers’ meeting of the Leon Parent-Teachers Organization in November 1980.

At the time, no foundation to raise additional funds to improve the entire educational program was known at a public high school, but the idea met with enthusiastic support from school officials, alumni and friends. The Leon High School Foundation was chartered in January as a 501(c)(3) non-profit Florida organization.

Since 1981, the Foundation has provided several hundred thousand dollars to enrich the academic and co-curricular experiences of Leon students. Going beyond tax dollars, the Foundation provides resources which help bridge the gap between the average and the excellent educational experience for all Leon students.

Our Purpose

The Leon High School Foundation’s primary purpose is to provide financial support, as well as materials and services to Leon High School for academic and educational aid.

The Foundation Board of Trustees, in conjunction with the school administration and faculty, identifies areas of need and sets priorities for the use of undesignated gifts to the Foundation. Priority is given to expenditures that offer the maximum amount of assistance to the greatest number of Leon High School students. When gifts to the Foundation are designated for specific purposes (usually to fund scholarships), the Foundation administers them according to the wishes of the donors.